A Commitment To Safety:
Safety Training With A Difference

Are you looking for a dynamic way to deliver your next round of safety training sessions?

"A Commitment to Safety" is safety training with a difference. This program takes a big-picture approach to safety, an approach that goes beyond the typical list of safe task practices. With "A Commitment to Safety" you can help your staff members:

  • Recognize safety as an important job requirement
  • Identify key safety practices that help to prevent accidents
  • Learn how to detect accidents waiting to happen, and how to respond when an accident occurs
  • Discover additional ways to get involved in the safety initiatives at you facility
  • Accept personal responsibility for the safety of yourself and others

Because making a personal commitment to safety is key to the success of your safety program, "A Commitment to Safety" fosters participant involvement in the learning process. Unique transition segments give you complete format flexibility. Either show the 25-minute video straight through, or stop along the way for group discussion about essential learning points. The facilitator guide helps you take full advantage of every learning opportunity.

"A Commitment to Safety" illustrates staff members at work in all areas of long term care facilities demonstrating safe practices in a realistic setting. You'll find the program provides the perfect safety introduction during orientation, as well as an effective solution for safety refresher training.

Now you can motivate employees to move beyond reluctant compliance to enthusiastic advocacy of your safety initiative. It starts by providing safety training with a difference.

ElderCare Communications is a leading provider of high quality video-based education and information to help improve the quality of care and resident quality of life in long-term care settings.

You may download the facilitator guide here.



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