Residents' Rights in Long-Term Care
A Video Guide for Staff in Long-Term Care Facilities

Working in long-term care is different from almost any other place of employment. First, we care for residents who call our workplace their home. Because of that we must support them as health care providers, but we must also help them make this residence as home-like as possible. Second, we must be advocates for our residents and protect their rights -- especially considering that many have conditions -- like dementia -- that interfere with their judgment and memory.

This program and the surrounding in-service training will:

  • Explain resident rights and their importance to staff members, your facility, and your residents
  • Describe why it’s important for you to protect resident rights
  • Demonstrate techniques you can use in your daily routines to attend to basic rights and safeguard them for your residents

"Resident Rights in Long-Term Care" is a practical educational tool. It demonstrates important skills necessary to help caregivers identify and support resident rights. It also provides practical guidance to help caregivers manage situations that involve resident rights and safety.

Filled with practical information and useful instruction, this video training provides a unique and interactive learning experience. In addition to the valuable information contained in the video and the accompanying facilitator's guide, the video in-service provides opportunities for facilitated discussion to help participants understand how they can help ensure the rights of residents as well as respond appropriately when performing daily routine tasks with residents.

ElderCare Communications is a leading provider of high quality video-based education and information to help improve the quality of care and resident quality of life in long-term care settings.

You may download the facilitator guide here.



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