What About Using a Restraint?
Awareness Video for Families of Residents & Patients

You've seen it happen time and again...a concerned relative or well-meaning visitor corners a staff member to ask..."Why in the world are you letting her get up and walk around like that? She'll fall and hurt herself! She needs a restraint."

Now your staff member can smile and respond "Let me show you what we've learned about restraints" and join the visitor in the viewing of "What About Using a Restraint?"

In less than ten minutes, family members, friends and frequent visitors to your facility can learn:

  • How restraints threaten the resident's dignity and quality of life
  • What constitutes a physical or chemical restraint
  • Creative alternatives to restraint use, and the few circumstances when restraints are appropriate
  • Health and safety benefits of a restraint-proper program

It's all in "What About Using A Restraint?" the only program of its kind designed to build awareness and generate family cooperation for your restraint-proper care program.

"What About Using A Restraint?" is written and produced specifically for use in long-term care facilities, so everything viewers see and hear will be relevant and useful in their particular situation. What's more, you'll have a turn-key package ready to use at any time, complete with facilitator's guide for conducting meaningful individual or group discussions.

"What About Using A Restraint?" helps family members become fully participating and cooperative members of your restraint-proper care team!

ElderCare Communications is a leading provider of high quality video-based education and information to help improve the quality of care and resident quality of life in long-term care settings.

You may download the facilitator guide here.



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