Infection Control in Long Term Care: Safeguarding Your Environment
- A Video Guide for Nurses and CNAs in Long-Term Care Facilities -

Infectious diseases pose significant hazards to staff and residents in long-term care. Controlling the spread of infection is like fighting an invisible enemy. When staff members take the appropriate precautions, caregivers and residents should never see the results. Only when infection control breaks down do the hazardous effects become obvious.

The consequences of infectious diseases can be painful. Residents are at increased risk of infection. Many of them are sick, while others are elderly and more vulnerable. Many just cannot handle any further insult to their frail condition. Prevention is where staff and caregivers in long-term care can have the greatest impact on safety and good health. In this educational video, we will:

  • Define the risk imposed by infectious diseases
  • Explain infection control procedures
  • Describe procedures your staff and caregivers must take to ensure safety for themselves and their residents

"Infection Control in Long-term Care: Safeguarding Your Environment is a practical educational tool. It demonstrates important skills necessary to help caregivers identify and prevent infection-related hazards. It also provides practical guidance to help caregivers understand how they can implement infection control procedures.

Filled with practical information and useful instruction, this video training provides a unique and interactive learning experience. In addition to the valuable information contained in the video and the accompanying facilitator guide, the video in-service provides opportunities for facilitated discussion to help participants identify infection control risks and help to minimize hazards in long-term care settings.

ElderCare Communications is a leading provider of high quality video-based education and information to help improve the quality of care and resident quality of life in long-term care settings.

You may download the facilitator guide here.



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