Serving the Assisted Living Community (Part 2)
- Stress Preparedness -

It's no secret that the everyday stress of working with older adults wreaks havoc on employee retention levels in Long Term Care. The assisted Living Sector shares fully in this ongoing problem because it relies so heavily on entry level employees who often are unfamiliar with the unique stresses of this type of community. Unfortunately, many of these less experienced employees are frightened or turned off by tough and unfamiliar issues like death and disability among Assisted Living residents. As a result, quality employees sometimes quit and go elsewhere because they haven't the staff support or background information to help them deal with the issue of on-the-job stress.

This video-based training program addresses the typical types of stress encountered by Assisted Living employees and provides suggestions on how to deal with these situations. Our facilitator guide allows trainers to conduct a thorough, engaging one hour program which combines expertly researched and produced video segments with engaging question-and-answer sessions which drive home the concepts and facts.

Employees will learn:

  • Typical sources of on-the-job stress in the Assisted Living community
  • Proven stress response techniques
  • Proven methods of ongoing stress reduction
  • Keys to dealing with sensory and memory impaired residents
  • The functions of staff support networks
  • Methods to develop personal flexibility on the job
  • Sources and response techniques to mealtime stress
  • Keys to responding to the death of a resident
  • The rewards of working in Assisted Living

It's the kind of video training program so many long term care providers have come to expect and anticipate from ElderCare Communications. The kind of training which results in better employee retention, satisfaction and performance from staff who are better prepared...from the start.

ElderCare Communications is a leading provider of high quality video-based education and information to help improve the quality of care and resident quality of life in long-term care settings.

You may download the facilitator guide here.



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