Understanding Advance Directives for Residents and Patients

You know your residents and sub-acute patients have the right to prepare an Advance Directive. Yet, is your staff always comfortable when helping a resident exercise this right?

Sometimes it's a difficult tightrope walk. On the one hand, you want to help your residents and sub-acute patients understand what it means to prepare an Advance Directive. On the other hand, it's not always easy to explain the legal aspects. Staff members fear giving the impression that they're somehow insisting the resident make a choice!

Now there's help for your residents and your staff!

"Understanding Advance Directives" is a brief, introductory video program which explains in easy-to-understand terms the advance directive options available to your resident. They'll learn:

  • How and when a Living Will can be used to communicate a resident's wishes to the health care staff
  • How and when a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care gives a trusted family member or friend the power to make health care decisions for the resident
  • The types of treatment a resident can choose to accept or refuse through an Advance Directive
  • The simple steps to take if the resident chooses to proceed with an Advance Directive
  • That the decision to prepare or not prepare an Advance Directive is entirely up to the resident, and that the resident will continue to receive quality care regardless of the choices made

"Understanding Advance Directives" is a complete and caring introduction to the topic, designed to both educate and reassure the resident. And because it's written and produced specifically for use in long-term care facilities, everything your residents see and hear will be relevant and useful in their particular situation.

Best of all, "Understanding Advance Directives" is available today. It's never been easier for your staff to protect a resident's right to determine the course of his or her own health care!

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